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Developmental plasticity of the amphibious liverwort Riccia fluitans

Althoff F, Wegner L, Ehlers K, Buschmann H, Zachgo S. (2022) Front Plant Sci. 13:909327. view publication

Trichome transcripts as efficiency control for synthetic biology and molecular farming

Becker R, Görner C, Reichman P, Dissmeyer N. (2022) Methods Mol Biol. 2379:265-276. view publication

The intracellular distribution of the small GTPase Rho5 and its dimeric guanidine nucleotide exchange factor Dck1/Lmo1 determine their function in oxidative stress response

Bischof L, Schweitzer F, Sterk CC, Heinisch JJ. (2022) Int J Mol Sci. 23(14):7896. view publication

Cvm1 is a component of multiple vacuolar contact sites required for sphingolipid homeostasis

Bisinski DD, Gomes Castro I, Mari M, Walter S, Fröhlich F, Schuldiner M, González Montoro A. (2022) J Cell Biol. 221(8):e202103048. view publication

McComedy: A user-friendly tool for next-generation individual-based modeling of microbial consumer-resource systems

Bogdanowski A, Frank K, Banitz T, Muhsal LK, Kost C. (2022) PLoS Comput Biol. 18(1):e1009777. view publication

The renaissance and enlightenment of marchantia as a model system

Bowman JL, Arteaga-Vazquez M, Berger F, Briginshaw LN, Carella P, Aguilar-Cruz A, Davies KM, Dierschke T, Dolan L, Dorantes-Acosta AE, Fisher TJ, Flores-Sandoval E, Futagami K, Ishizaki K, Jibran R, Kanazawa T, Kato H, Kohchi T, Levins J, Lin SS, Nakagami H, Nishihama R, Romani F, Schornack S, Tanizawa Y, Tsuzuki M, Ueda T, Watanabe Y, Yamato KT, Zachgo S. (2022) Plant Cell. 17:koac219. view publication

Atg9 interactions via its transmembrane domains are required for phagophore expansion during autophagy

Chumpen Ramirez S, Gómez-Sánchez R, Verlhac P, Hardenberg R, Margheritis E, Cosentino K, Reggiori F, Ungermann C. (2022) Autophagy. Online ahead of print. view publication

Intracellular Salmonella Paratyphi A is motile and differs in the expression of flagella-chemotaxis, SPI-1 and carbon utilization pathways in comparison to intracellular S. Typhimurium

Cohen H, Hoede C, Scharte F, Coluzzi C, Cohen E, Shomer I, Mallet L, Holbert S, Serre RF, Schiex T, Virlogeux-Payant I, Grassl GA, Hensel M, Chiapello H, Gal-Mor O. (2022) PLoS Pathog. 18(4):e1010425. view publication

Caspase-cleaved tau is senescence-associated and induces a toxic gain of function by putting a brake on axonal transport

Conze C, Rierola M, Trushina NI, Peters M, Janning D, Holzer M, Heinisch JJ, Arendt T, Bakota L, Brandt R. (2022) Mol Psychiatry. Online ahead of print. view publication

Super-resolution imaging and quantitative analysis of microtubule arrays in model neurons show that epothilone D increases the density but decreases the length and straightness of microtubules in axon-like processes.

Conze C, Trushina NI, Holtmannspötter M, Rierola M, Attanasio S, Bakota L, Piehler J, Brandt R. (2022) Brain Res Bull. S0361-9230(22)00276-3. view publication

The interplay between BAX and BAK tunes apoptotic pore growth to control mitochondrial-DNA-mediated inflammation

Cosentino K, Hertlein V, Jenner A, Dellmann T, Gojkovic M, Peña-Blanco A, Dadsena S, Wajngarten N, Danial JSH, Thevathasan JV, Mund M, Ries J, Garcia-Saez AJ. (2022) Mol Cell. S1097-2765(22)00008-9. view publication

Confocal real-time analysis of cutaneous platelet recruitment during immune-complex-mediated inflammation

Currie SM, Stegmeyer RI, Mildner K, Breitsprecher L, Zeuschner D, Psathaki OE, Schäfer K, Wilkens M, Volkery S, Nieswandt B, Vestweber D. (2022) J Invest Dermatol. 31:S0022-202X(22)00254-8. view publication

Systematic assessment of the accuracy of subunit counting in biomolecular complexes using outomated single-molecule brightness analysis

Danial JSH, Quintana Y, Ros U, Shalaby R, Margheritis EG, Chumpen Ramirez S, Ungermann C, Garcia-Saez AJ, Cosentino K. (2022) J Phys Chem Lett. 19, 822-829. view publication

Oxygen sensing: Protein degradation meets retrograde signaling

Dissmeyer, N. (2022) Curr Biol. 32(6):R281-R284. view publication

Dissociation of β2m from MHC class I Triggers formation of Noncovalent, transient heavy chain dimers

Dirscherl C, Löchte S, Hein Z, Kopicki JD, Harders AR, Linden N, Karner A, Preiner J, Weghuber J, Garcia-Alai M, Uetrecht C, Zacharias M, Piehler J, Lanzerstorfer P, Springer S. (2022) J Cell Sci. 135(9):jcs259489. view publication

Corrigendum: Evolution of tandem repeats is mirroring post-polyploid cladogenesis in Heliophila (Brassicaceae)

Dogan M, Pouch M, Mandáková T, Hloušková P, Guo X, Winter P, Chumová Z, Van Niekerk A, Mummenhoff K, Al-Shehbaz IA, Mucina L, Lysak MA. (2022) Front Plant Sci. 13:1054800 view publication

German laypeople's willingness to donate toward insect conservation: application of extended protection motivation theory

Dörge L, Büscher M, Drews J, Eylering A, Fiebelkorn F. (2022) Frontiers in Psychology, 12:773913. view publication

Acceptance of cultured meat in Germany-application of an extended theory of planned behaviour

Dupont J, Harms T, Fiebelkorn F. (2022) Foods 11(3):424. view publication

A lysosomal biogenesis map reveals the cargo spectrum of yeast vacuolar protein targeting pathways

Eising S, Esch B, Wälte M, Vargas Duarte P, Walter S, Ungermann C, Bohnert M, Fröhlich F. (2022) J Cell Biol. 221(4):e202107148. view publication

Analysis of salmonella enterica adhesion to leaves of corn salad or lettuce

Elpers L, Hensel, M. (2022) Methods Mol Biol. 2427:167-175. view publication

Effect of environmental temperatures on proteome composition of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium

Elpers L, Deiwick J, Hensel, M. (2022) Mol Cell Proteomics. 100265. Online ahead of print. view publication

Consistent signals of a warming climate in occupancy changes of three insect taxa over 40 years in central Europe

Engelhardt EK, Biber MF, Dolek M, Fartmann T, Hochkirch A, Leidinger J, Löffler F, Pinkert S, Poniatowski D, Voith J, Winterholler M, Zeuss D, Bowler DE, Hof C. (2022) Glob Chang Biol. 28(13):3998-4012. view publication

Identification of a thyroid hormone binding site in Hsp90 with implications for its interaction with thyroid hormone receptor beta.

Fan L, Kishore A, Jansen-Olliges L, Wang D, Stahl F, Psathaki OE, Harre J, Warnecke A, Weder J, Preller M, Zeilinger C. (2022) ACS Omega. 7(33):28932-28945. view publication

The ABC transporter MsbA adopts the wide inward-open conformation in E. coli cells

Galazzo L, Meier G, Januliene D, Parey K, De Vecchis D, Striednig B, Hilbi H, Schäfer LV, Kuprov I, Moeller A, Bordignon E, Seeger MA. (2022) Sci Adv. 8(41):eabn6845. view publication

The HOPS tethering complex is required to maintain signaling endosome identity and TORC1 activity

Gao J, Nicastro R, Péli-Gulli MP, Grziwa S, Chen Z, Kurre R, Piehler J, De Virgilio C, Fröhlich F, Ungermann C. (2022) J Cell Biol. 221(5):e202109084. view publication

Low membrane fluidity triggers lipid phase separation and protein segregation in living bacteria

Gohrbandt M, Lipski A, Grimshaw JW, Buttress JA, Baig Z, Herkenhoff B, Walter S, Kurre R, Deckers-Hebestreit G, Strahl H. (2022) EMBO J. e109800. view publication

Quantitative protein sensing with germanium THz-antennas manufactured using CMOS processes.

Hardt E, Chavarin CA, Gruessing S, Flesch J, Skibitzki O, Spirito D, Vita GM, Simone G, Masi AD, You C, Witzigmann B, Piehler J, Capellini G. (2022) Opt Express. 30(22):40265-40276. view publication

An alliance between lipid transfer proteins and scramblases for membrane expansion

Holthuis JCM, Jahn H, Menon AK, Mizushima N. (2022) Fac Rev. 11:22. view publication

Deciphering the emulsification process to create an albumin-perfluorocarbon-(o/w) nanoemulsion with high shelf life and bioresistivity

Jaegers J, Haferkamp S, Arnolds O, Moog D, Wrobeln A, Nocke F, Cantore M, Pütz S, Hartwig A, Franzkoch R, Psathaki OE, Jastrow H, Schauerte C, Stoll R, Kirsch M, Ferenz KB. (2022) ACS Publications, online ahead of print. view publication

Cotranslational assembly of membrane protein/nanoparticles in cell-free systems

Jaric I, Voelkl B, Clerc M, Schmid MW, Novak J, Rosso M, Rufener R, von Kortzfleisch VT, Richter SH, Buettner M, Bleich A, Amrein I, Wolfer DP, Touma C, Sunagawa S, Würbel H. (2022) PLoS Biol. 220(10):e3001837. view publicaton

Structure of the Mon1-Ccz1 complex reveals molecular basis of membrane binding for Rab7 activation

Klink BU, Herrmann E, Antoni C, Langemeyer L, Kiontke S, Gatsogiannis C, Ungermann C, Raunser S, Kümmel D. (2022) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 119(6):e2121494119. view publication

A Drosophila melanogaster model for TMEM43 related Arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy type 5

Klinke N, Meyer H, Ratnavadivel S, Reinhardt M, Heinisch JJ, Malmendal A, Milting H, Paululat A. (2022) Cell Mol Life Sci. 79(8):444. view publication

Compartmentation and functions of sphingolipids

Körner C, Fröhlich F. (2022) Curr Opin Cell Biol. 74:104-111. view publication

Social norms and climate-friendly behavior of adolescents

Koessler AK, Vorlaufer T, Fiebelkorn F. (2022) PLoS One, 17(4):e0266847. view publication

Acceptance of insect-based food products in western societies: A systematic review

Kröger T, Dupont J, Büsing L & Fiebelkorn F. (2022) Frontiers in Nutrition, 8, 759885. view publication

Vesicle transport: Exocyst follows PIP2 to tether membranes

Langemeyer L, Ungermann C. (2022) Curr Biol. 32(13):R748-R750. view publication

Densely methylated DNA traps Methyl-CpG Binding Domain protein 2 but permits free diffusion by Methyl-CpG Binding Domain protein 3

Leighton GO, Irvin EM, Kaur P, Liu M, You C, Bhattaram D, Piehler J, Riehn R, Wang H, Pan H, Williams DC Jr. (2022) Biol Chem. 26:102428. view publication

Cotranslational assembly of membrane protein/nanoparticles in cell-free systems

Levin R, Köck Z, Martin J, Zangl R, Gewering T, Schüler L, Moeller A, Dötsch V, Morgner N, Bernhard F. (2022) Biochim Biophys Acta Biomembr. 31:184017. view publication

SARS-CoV-2 infects and replicates in photoreceptor and retinal ganglion cells of human retinal organoid

Menuchin-Lasowski Y, Schreiber A, Lecanda A, Mecate-Zambrano A, Brunotte L, Psathaki OE, Ludwig S, Rauen T, Schöler HR. (2022) Stem Cell Reports, S2213-6711(22)00104-7. view publication

Formation and function of a highly specialised type of organelle in cardiac valve cells

Meyer C, Breitsprecher L, Bataille L, Vincent AJM, Drechsler M, Meyer H, Paululat A. (2022) Development. 149(19):dev200701. view publication

Landmark-based retrieval of inflamed skin vessels enabled by 3D correlative intravital light and volume electron microscopy

Mildner K, Breitsprecher L, Currie SM, Stegmeyer RI, Stasch M, Volkery S, Psathaki OE, Vestweber D, Zeuschner D. (2022) Histochem Cell Biol. Online ahead of print. view publication

Ca2+-activated sphingomyelin scrambling and turnover mediate ESCRT-independent lysosomal repair

Niekamp P, Scharte F, Sokoya T, Vittadello L, Kim Y, Deng Y, Südhoff E, Hilderink A, Imlau M, Clarke CJ, Hensel M, Burd CG, Holthuis JCM. (2022) Nature Communications, 13:1875.  view publication

Cooperation increases robustness to ecological disturbance in microbial cross-feeding networks

Oña L, Kost C. (2022) Ecol Lett. 25(6):1410-1420. view publication

The ER protein Creld regulates ER-mitochondria contact dynamics and respiratory complex activity

Paradis M, Kucharowski N, Edwards Farat G, Palacios SJM, Meyer C, Stümpes B, Jamitzky I, Kalinoswski J, Thiele C, Bauer R, Paululat A, Sellin J, Bülow M. (2022) Sci Adv. 8(29):eabo0155. view publication

Obligate mutualistic cooperation limits evolvability

Pauli B, Oña L, Hermann M, Kost C. (2022) Nat Commun. 13(1), 337. view publication

Biofunctional nanodot arrays in living cells uncover synergistic co-condensation of Wnt signalodroplets

Philippi M, Richter CP, Kappen M, Watrinet I, Miao Y, Runge M, Jorde L, Korneev S, Holtmannspötter M, Kurre R, Holthuis JCM, Garcia KC, Plückthun A, Steinhart M, Piehler J, You C (2022) bioRxev, online view publication

Combining stakeholder- and social network- analysis to improve regional nature conservation: a case study from Osnabrück, Germany

Przesdzink F, Herzog LM, Fiebelkorn F. (2022) Environ Management, 69(2):271-287. view publication

Preparation of drosophila tissues and organs for transmission electron microscopy

Psathaki OE, Paululat A. (2022) Methods Mol Biol. 2540:361-385. view publication

Ultrastructure of cerebral eyes in Oweniidae and Chaetopteridae (Annelida) - implications for the evolution of eyes in Annelida

Purschke G, Vodopyanov S, Baller A, von Palubitzki T, Bartolomaeus T, Beckers P. (2022) Zoological Lett. 8(1):3. view publication

Surface modification of polycaprolactone scaffold with improved biocompatibility and controlled growth factor release for enhanced stem cell differentiation

Qin X, Wu Y, Liu S, Yang L, Yuan H, Cai S, Flesch J, Li Z, Tang Y, Li X, Zhuang Y, You C, Liu C, Yu C. (2022) Front Bioeng Biotechnol. 9, 802311. view publication

Genetic and physiological characterization of fructose-1,6-bisphosphate aldolase and glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase in the crabtree-negative yeast Kluyveromyces lactis

Rodicio R, Schmitz HP, Heinisch JJ. (2022) Int J Mol Sci. 23(2):772. view publication

Interplay between SERCA, 4E-BP, and eIF4E in the Drosophila heart

Santalla M, García A, Mattiazzi A, Valverde CA, Schiemann R, Paululat A, Hernández G, Meyer H, Ferrero P. (2022) PLoS One, 17(5):e0267156. view publication

Occurrence of an endangered grassland butterfly is mainly driven by habitat heterogeneity, food availability, and microclimate

Scherer G, Fartmann T. (2022) Insect Sci. 29(4):1211-1225. view publication

Neprilysins regulate muscle contraction and heart function via cleavage of SERCA-inhibitory micropeptides

Schiemann R, Buhr A, Cordes E, Walter S, Heinisch JJ, Ferrero P, Milting H, Paululat A, Meyer H. (2022) Nat Commun. 13(1):4420. view publication

Traditional grazing management creates heterogeneous swards and fosters grasshopper densities

Schwarz C, Fartmann T. (2022) Insect Sci. Online ahead of print. view publication

Flow cytometry-based single cell analyses of bacterial adaptation to intracellular environments

Schulte M, Hensel M. (2022) Methods Mol Biol. 2427:105-117. view publication

Genotyping-by-sequencing reveals range expansion of Adonis vernalis (Ranunculaceae) from Southeastern Europe into the zonal Euro-Siberian steppe

Seidl A, Tremetsberger K, Pfanzelt S, Lindhuber L, Kropf M, Neuffer B, Blattner FR, Király G, Smirnov SV, Friesen N, Shmakov AI, Plenk K, Batlai O, Hurka H, Bernhardt KG. (2022) Sci Rep. 12(1):19074. view publication

Pathogenic autoantibodies to IFN-γ act through the impedance of receptor assembly and Fc-mediated response

Shih HP, Ding JY, Sotolongo Bellón J, Lo YF, Chung PH, Ting HT, Peng JJ, Wu TY, Lin CH, Lo CC, Lin YN, Yeh CF, Chen JB, Wu TS, Liu YM, Kuo CY, Wang SY, Tu KH, Ng CY, Lei WT, Tsai YH, Chen JH, Chuang YT, Huang JY, Rey FA, Chen HK, Chang TW, Piehler J, Chi CY, Ku CL. (2022) J Exp Med. 219(9):e20212126. view publication

Frozen motion: how cryo-EM changes the way we look at ABC transporters

Shvarev D, Januliene D, Moeller A. (2022) Trends Biochem Sci. 47(2), 136-148. view publication

Structure of the HOPS tethering complex, a lysosomal membrane fusion machinery

Shvarev D, Schoppe J, König C, Perz A, Füllbrunn N, Kiontke S, Langemeyer L, Januliene D, Schnelle K, Kümmel D, Fröhlich F, Moeller A, Ungermann C. (2022) Elife 11:e80901. Online ahead of print. view publication

Monitoring and quantification of the dynamics of stress granule components in living cells by fluorescence decay after photoactivation

Söhnel AC, Trushina NI, Brandt R. (2022) Methods Mol Biol. 2428:243-259. view publication

Pathogenic variants of sphingomyelin synthase SMS2 disrupt lipid landscapes in the secretory pathway

Sokoya T, Parolek J, Foged MM, Danylchuk DI, Bozan M, Sarkar B, Hilderink A, Philippi M, Botto LD, Terhal PA, Mäkitie O, Piehler J, Kim Y, Burd CG, Klymchenko AS, Maeda K, Holthuis JCM. (2022) Elife. 11:e79278. view publication

Microtubule-modulating agents in the fight against neurodegeneration: will it ever work?

Soliman A, Bakota L, Brandt R. (2022) Curr Neuropharmacol. 20(4):782-798. view publication

Four-color single-molecule imaging with engineered tags resolves the molecular architecture of signaling complexes in the plasma membrane

Sotolongo Bellón J, Birkholz O, Richter CP, Eull F, Kenneweg H, Wilmes S, Rothbauer U, You C, Walter MR, Kurre R, Piehler J. (2022) Cell Reports Methods, 2(2) 100165. view publication

Effectiveness of a teaching unit on the willingness to consume insect-based food - An intervention study with adolescents from Germany

Szczepanski L, Dupont J, Schade F, Hellberg H, Büscher M, Fiebelkorn F. (2022)  Front Nutr. 9:889805. view publication

Wing hearts in four-winged ultrabithorax-mutant flies-the role of hox genes in wing heart specification

Tögel M, Pass G, Paululat A. (2022) Genetics, 220(1):iyab191. view publication

The yeast LYST homolog Bph1 is a Rab5 effector and prevents Atg8 lipidation at endosomes

Vargas Duarte P, Hardenberg R, Mari M, Walter S, Reggiori F, Fröhlich F, Gonzalez Montoro A, Ungermann C. (2022) J Cell Sci. jcs.259421. view publication

Plasticity and therapeutic potential of cAMP and cGMP-specific phosphodiesterases in Toxoplasma gondii

Vo KC, Ruga L, Psathaki OE, Franzkoch R, Distler U, Tenzer S, Hensel M, Hegemann P, Gupta N. (2022)   Comput Struct Biotechnol J. 20:5775-5789. view publication

Do multiple experimenters improve the reproducibility of animal studies?

von Kortzfleisch VT, Ambrée O, Karp NA, Meyer N, Novak J, Palme R, Rosso M, Touma C, Würbel H, Kaiser S, Sachser N, Richter SH. (2022) PLOS Biology, 20(5): e3001564. view publication

"Vegan teachers make students feel really bad": Is teaching sustainable nutrition indoctrinating?

Weber A, Linkemeyer L, Szczepanski L & Fiebelkorn F. (2022) Foods, 11, 887. view publication

Organizing structural principles of the interleukin-17 ligand-receptor axis

Wilson SC, Caveney NA, Yen M, Pollmann C, Xiang X, Jude KM, Hafer M, Tsutsumi N, Piehler J, Garcia KC. (2022) Nature, Online ahead of print. view publication

Engineering destabilizing N-termini in plastids

Winckler LI, Dissmeyer N. (2022) Methods Mol Biol. 2379:171-181. view publication

Near-infrared-II light induced mild hyperthermia activate cisplatin-artemisinin nanoparticle for enhanced chemo/chemodynamic therapy and immunotherapy

Xiong G, Huang D, Lu L, Luo X, Wang Y, Liu S, Chen M, Yu S, Kappen M, You C, Lu S, Yu Y, Lu J, Lin F. (2022) Small Methods. 17:e2200379. view publication

Neurobiological mechanisms modulating emotionality, cognition and reward-related behaviour in high-fat diet-fed rodents

Ziemens D, Touma C, Rappeneau V. (2022) Int J Mol Sci. 23(14):7952. view publication