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Vegetation Ecology/Geobotany

Dr. Dominique Remy

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The sub-department "Vegetation Ecology/Geobotany" of Ecology deals with ecosystem interrelationships in the field. Based on natural or anthropogenically modified vegetation and selected site factors, changes in the landscape, water bodies or near-surface groundwater are investigated. An important aspect is the input of nutrients. Another focus is the investigation of the long-term effects of renaturation measures in a Northwest German floodplain landscape.

Research topics

  • Nutrient inputs and translocation of primarily nutrient-poor ecosystems.
  • Dynamic processes in predominantly sand-dominated floodplain landscapes.
  • Field studies and experiments on flowing waters and in an experimental channel on site conditions of aquatic macrophytes.

Model systems

  • Renaturalised sections of the floodplain of the lowland river "Hase" in Emsland
  • "Heiliges Meer" nature reserve
  • Teneriffa


  • Vegetation survey
  • Recording of site factors
  • Analysis of ground and surface water
  • Soil analysis

Selected publications

Remy D (2018) Teneriffa und die Kanaren als Gegenstand der Lehre. - Ber. d. RTG 30, 85-99, Hannover.

Vortmann S, Remy D, Klasmeier J & Beeken M (2019) Student Experiments on the Topic of Micro-plastics in the Environment for Secondary Education Level II: The Coffee Pad Machine Experiment and Sediment Analysis. - World Journal of Chemical Education, Vol. 7, No. 2, 96-101. pdf

Mlynek S & Remy D (2020) Entwicklung der Hydrophyten und Amphiphyten im Zeitraum 1987 bis 2018 im renaturierten Abschnitt der unteren Hase bei Haselünne. - Osnabrücker Naturwissenschaftliche Mitteilungen 44/45, S. 79-98.