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Learning lab, experimental kit and school programs at the Botanical Garden.

Osnabrück Biology has been supporting schools in creating modern biology lessons for many years. Here you can find information about the learning lab "Explain-OS", the experimental kit from the project "NaT-Working-OS" as well as the educational offers of the "Grüne Schule" in the Botanical Garden.

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As part of the "Explain-OS" project, a research laboratory was converted into a learning laboratory with funding from the university and the university society. 25 workstations were established, offering unique opportunities to supplement biology lessons with practical scientific methods.


In the "NaT-Working-OS" project, experimental kits were compiled in cooperation with teachers. These kits are made available to schools free of charge and enable a wide range of modern experiments to be carried out in biology lessons in lower and upper secondary schools.

Grüne Schule

The Botanic Garden's educational facility Grüne Schule ("green school"), offers all school types and grade levels events on topics such as biodiversity, evolution, crops, climate change, and much more. Through the experience-oriented contact with the plants, scientific knowledge and the importance of biological diversity are conveyed in the sense of sustainable education.