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"Jungle Green": Propagation and culture of houseplants

Action and good tips from the horticultural practice, incl. small guided tour

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On Friday, March 8, 2024 from 5 to 7 p.m. you can learn all about caring for houseplants

Looking for a tropical jungle feeling for your home? Exotic houseplants, whether green leaf ornaments or colorful flowering plants, are back in vogue and give your home a special flair.

How do I find the right plants for my home? What do I have to consider when choosing the substrate and fertilizer? How do I enjoy my plants for a long time and what do I do in case of disease and pest infestation? Can I propagate my plants myself?

Marion Lange and Mareike Woltring, two experts for warm house plants of the Botanical Garden, will be happy to answer these and other questions in this workshop.

Registration is requested by 01.03.2024, by phone at 0541 969 2739 (AB) or by mail to bg-buero@uos.de.

Participation is free of charge. A donation would be appreciated.

Do you have any questions?
phone: +49 541 969 2739

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