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Green, stones, earths: our world in transition

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Talk: Mona Schreiber
Location: Bohnenkamp House, Heliconia Hall

About the speaker: Mona Schreiber works at the University of Marburg, Plant Ecology and Geobotany, 'Art addicted scientist'.

Friday, 9 June 2023, 6:30 pm

The history of our planet is marked by great changes.
Over 500 million years ago, algae, the ancestors of mosses, managed to leave the freshwater and conquer the land. These first land plants were confronted with new stress factors such as heat, drought and flooding, which are now increasing due to climate change.
Land plants manage to adapt to these new challenges and express an enchanting diversity. The talk will explore the 16 posters on display in the garden on research-related topics ranging from the evolution of land plants, plant diversity to our crops.

Participation is free of charge. A donation would be appreciated.

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