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Exhibition: "New Wilds - Globalisation in the Plant World"

in the Botanical Garden of the University of Osnabrück from 11 June to October 2022

From Saturday, 11 June until the end of October 2022, the exhibition "New Wilds - Globalisation in the Plant World" will be on display. Large-format panels and fact sheets provide information about plant neophytes, their travel routes and species-specific features. Find out which plants were able to spread to other parts of the world after 1492, after the discovery of North America by Christ Columbus, and what consequences this development had for the native plant world there. Discover more on a garden tour and on our guided tours of the exhibition.

Thematic guided tours:

June 12, 11:00 am: "New Wilds – Globalisation in the Plant World" (Entrance fee: 4,00 €, reduced 3,00 €, members of the Freundeskreis free)
Take a tour through the exhibition and let us explain how plants travel the world with the help of humans and modern means of transport. They adapt well to their new habitats, spread and become a problem for native plants if they become too assertive. Exciting topics about biological invasion! Get to know the "New Wild Ones" in detailed plant portraits.
Sunday Walk of the Green School

June 19, 11:00 am: "Wilderness in a near-natural quarry - neophytes meet native diversity" (Cost: 4,00 €, reduced 3,00 €, members of the Freundeskreis free)
After the quarry was abandoned, not only has the native flora settled in the near-natural quarry, but with giant hogweed and Japanese knotweed there are also two assertive plants that are not native here. You will find out on site what problems these invasive species pose and what concept the Botanic Garden is pursuing in the near-natural quarry.
Sunday Walk of the Green School 

Meeting point for the guided tours: at the lime tree (main entrance)