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Botanic gardens week and exhibition

New Wilds - Globalisation in the Plant World

Plants can travel much faster and further than their natural dispersal mechanisms allow. How? - With the help of humans and modern means of transport, plants easily overcome natural barriers. The unintentionally introduced plant species often find a new location in urban habitats. But some species also spread in natural and semi-natural habitats.

How do plants travel? What characteristics make plants invasive? What is the significance of botanical gardens, but also private gardens, for the spread of neophytes? In our action week we will deal with the exciting topic of biological invasions.

An exhibition with 14 thematic panels explains everything worth knowing about travel routes and plant characteristics. Around 23 plant profiles present the "New Wild Ones". This exhibition can also be seen in the Botanical Garden of the University of Osnabrück until autumn 2022. An exhibition brochure summarises all the exhibition contents, supplemented by some in-depth essays. It is available for € 8 at the Botanic Garden office. 

The exhibition and Botanic Gardens Week (11 to 19 June 2022) are an initiative of the Verband Botanischer Gärten e.V. (www.verband-botanischer-gaerten.de).

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