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Talk by Jürgen Schatz

Title: "Organic chemistry in water – how supramolecular chemistry can help"
Occasion: GDCh-Kolloquium
Host: Andreas Hennig
Start: 20.06.2023 - 17:00
Location: CellNanOs 38/201

About the speaker: Prof. Dr. Jürgen Schatz conducts research in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Nuremberg, Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, Organic Chemistry.

Abstract of the talk: Organic transformations - especially organometallic reactions - are still uncommon in aqueous media. However, water as a solvent is very attractive due to its ready availability, non-toxicity and additional general safety issues. However, the solubility and stability of substrates and catalysts are often challenging.

Here, supramolecular chemistry can support (metal)organic chemistry in aqueous media with the ultimate goal of catalysis under physiological conditions or even in living cells.