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Confidential counsellors

DFG Liaison Officer

Prof. Dr. Markus Haase

phone: +49 541 969-2807
room: 34/103

Ombudsperson for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice

Prof. Dr. jur. Oliver Dörr, LL.M.

phone: +49 541 969-6050
room: 44/315

Here you will find further information on the topic of Good Scientific Practice at Osnabrück University (German).

Contact person for conflicts involving PhD students

Prof. Dr. Achim Paululat

phone: +49 541 969-2861
room: 35/246

Prof. Dr. Achim Paululat is the contact person within the School of Biology/Chemistry for conflicts that involve doctoral researchers. In addition, the members of the dean's office are available.

On the pages of the PhD/Postdoc Career Center you will find detailed information on how to deal with conflicts in the field of doctoral studies including an overview over the relevant contacts (German).

Confidential consellors for junior and tenure-track professors

Prof. Dr. Susanne Boshammer

phone: +49 541 969-7112
room: 69/109

Prof. Dr. Marcel Campen

phone: +49 541 969-3524
room: 50/518

Prof. Dr. Robert Gillenkirch

phone: +49 541 969-2730
room: 29/E06

Prof. Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Steinhoff

phone: +49 541 969-2675
room: 32/334

Juniorprof. Dr. Marcel Veber

phone: +49 541 969-6025
room: 43/E07

Deputy counsellor

On the pages of PhD/Postdoc Career Center you will find further information on the confidential counsellors for junior and tenure-track professors (German).

Further contact persons