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The active researchers at Osnabrück Biology who are among the 2 % most cited in their discipline considering whole careers: Prof. Dr. Roland Brandt, Prof. Dr. Michael Hensel, Prof. Dr. Jacob Piehler & Prof. Dr. Christian Ungermann.


World’s Top 2 % Scientists: Osnabrück Biology researchers are among the most cited in their fields

How influential the work of scientists is can be seen, among other things, by how often it is taken up in the scientific community. In order to create comparability in this respect, a team led by John Ioannidis from Stanford University regularly publishes a standardised list in Elsevier with the most frequently cited researchers. The current edition includes nine names of current and former Osnabrück Biology researchers.

Specifically, the "Stanford/Elsevier World's Top 2 % Scientists" list includes researchers who are among the two percent most cited in their discipline or among the 100,000 most cited overall. There are two categories: One takes into account citations over the course of the entire career, the other only citations from the past year (for the current 6th edition, the year 2022).

In terms of their overall scientific achievements to date, four active and four former Osnabrück Biology researchers are among the most cited in their field: Prof. Dr. Roland Brandt (head of the Neurobiology research group), Prof. Dr. Michael Hensel (head of the Microbiology research group), Prof. Dr. Jacob Piehler (head of the Biophysics research group) and Prof. Dr. Christian Ungermann (head of the Biochemistry research group) as well as Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Junge (former head of the Biophysics research group), Prof. Dr. Günter Purschke (former member of the Zoology research group), Prof. Dr. Renate Scheibe (former head of the Plant Physiology research group) and Prof. Dr. Hildgund Schrempf (former head of the Applied Genetics of Microorganisms research group).

In addition to some of the researchers already mentioned, there is another Osnabrück biologist on the list considering only citations in 2022: Prof. Dr. Christian Kost (head of the Ecology research group).

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