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Studying in Osnabrück with Erasmus

Welcome to Osnabrück!

Here you will find some useful information to make your start at Osnabrück Biology easier.

Note: All Erasmus students must first be nominated by their home university. You have to apply for the Erasmus program at your university.

Who is my contact person?

The Erasmus program at the University of Osnabrück is organized in a decentralized way. This means that both your Erasmus subject coordinator (contact at department level) and the International Office (contact at university level) are responsible for your support.
The subject coordinator is your main contact and advisor. He can help you with academic questions and will assist you with any problems you may have. Always contact your subject coordinator first, i.e. for Department 5/Biology PD Dr. Knut Jahreis.
The International Office takes care of general issues that concern all international students, not only Erasmus students.

I was nominated by my home university for a study visit in Osnabrück. What do I have to do now?

If you have been nominated as an Erasmus student at the University of Osnabrück, you have to apply at the university. To do so, please print out the data sheet and send it to the subject coordinator. Once you have officially applied, you will receive all further information.
On the page linked here you will find information about accommodations, language courses and enrollment.

Where do I find courses?

For the selection of your courses you will find an overview here. An overview of English language courses can be found here. Please note: Bachelor students can only choose courses at Bachelor level, Master students can only choose courses at Master level.
You can choose courses from all departments, but at least one course per semester has to be from the Biology Department.

How do I register?

Registration for the courses takes place via stud.ip. The exact procedure will be explained during the welcome week. Please send us the learning agreement with your application documents so that the department already knows which courses you would like to take.
It is very important that you deal with these questions and select courses early!

I missed the first session of a course, what should I do?

Please be sure to attend the next lesson and then explain why you missed the first lesson. Do not miss another lesson, because you are not allowed to stay away without excuse.

How many ECTS points do I get for a course/module?

The ECTS credits for a course or module are indicated in the course catalog

Can I take language courses?

You can attend language courses at the Language Center. German courses are offered during the semester. 

How do I get my "Transcript of Records"?

Your achievements at the University of Osnabrück are documented by certificates completed by the lecturers and submitted to the International Office. Only when all certificates are available, the Transcript of Records can be created. At the end of the semester you will receive information about this by e-mail.

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