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Career Support

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Integrated Research Training Group (IRTG)

The IRTG complements the experimental training with training in a broader spectrum of subjects and provides opportunities for networking and personal development. The program includes regular lectures and progress reports, workshops on research methods, seminars on soft skills and networking opportunities through career seminars. Cornerstones are the kick-off meeting and the yearly retreats, which also include external speakers invited by the students. In addition, the IRTG awards travel grants and other financial support for conference visits, lab rotations and external workshop participations to PhD students who are active members of the IRTG. All activities are embedded in a structured educational program with an individual development plan and a thesis advisory committee.

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Gender equality and family friendliness

SFB 1557 supports gender balance and family friendliness measures in coordination with the Equal Opportunity Office and in line with the gender balance and family friendliness policy of Osnabrück University.

To support female students, we will initiate a support program that includes lectures, workshops, career mentoring sessions and extended programs. We will also hold workshops for all female and male scientists to raise their awareness of gender equality and equal opportunities.

We plan to coordinate these programs with the equal opportunity office of the University (Gleichstellungsbüro) and the PhD and PostDoc Career Center in Osnabrück (ZePrOs). In addition, Osnabrück University offers mentoring programs for PhD students and PostDocs as well as an onboarding program for female scientists. These measures are designed to support female scientists in starting their careers, reaching leadership positions and building networks.

To support families with young children, the SFB can provide funding, e.g. for student assistant positions, to support female scientists during their parental leave. Research seminars and SFB-related group activities are scheduled at family-friendly times to allow participation of scientists with family responsibilities.

In addition, Osnabrück University runs a day care center ("Kinderbungalow") for children between 0 and three years of age. This facility is located next to the Department of Biology/Chemistry.