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Project P15 | Roland Wedlich-Söldner

Plasticity and adaptation of proton and nutrient transport through lateral segregation of the plasma membrane

We focus on the role of lateral segregation for the regulation and functional plasticity of proton and nutrient transport systems in the yeast plasma membrane.

We combine automated and quantitative imaging with super resolution microscopy and genetic perturbations to understand the plasticity of lateral plasma membrane organization in budding yeast. © Roland Wedlich-Söldner

Project Summary
Prof. Dr. Roland Wedlich-Söldner

University of Münster
Institute of Cell Dynamics and Imaging

Saprophytic fungi obtain nourishment through organic breakdown and decay. Their cells have therefore evolved to efficiently and selectively take up a large variety of substrates.

ATP-dependent proton pumps establish a proton gradient across the plasma membrane (PM), which largely drives this uptake process. A diverse set of transporters then use proton symport to facilitate uptake of amino acids, sugars and other small organic molecules.

We have previously shown that in budding yeast the sole proton pump Pma1 and several proton symporters are laterally segregated into distinct microdomains within the plane of the PM. When we relocated symporters to the vicinity of the proton pump they lost their function.

In this project we will systematically analyze the role of lateral segregation for the function, molecular regulation and functional plasticity of proton and nutrient transport systems in their membrane environment of the yeast PM. We will focus on the regulation during acute stress responses and long-term adaptations to metabolic changes.

Project-related publications
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