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Project P5 | Katia Cosentino

Plasticity of GSDM pores for the control of pyroptotic cell death

We analyze the role of the membrane environment on regulatory mechanisms of Gasdermin recruitment and pore formation at the plasma membrane in pyroptosis, an inflammatory form of regulated cell death.

© Katia Cosentino

Project Summary
Juniorprof. Dr. Katia Cosentino

Osnabrück University
School of Biology/Chemistry
Research Group Molecular Cell Biophysics

Members of the Gasdermin (GSDM) protein family are key executors of the plasma membrane (PM) permeabilization in pyroptosis, a highly inflammatory form of regulated cell death. This process is key in antimicrobial and inflammatory host responses but detrimental in severe inflammation-related diseases.

GSDM pores at the PM allow the extracellular release of cytokines and eventually lead to complete cell lysis with strong local inflammation. Recent observations, however, have shown that GSDM pores can allow the secretion of cytokines in the absence of cell death, thus reducing local inflammation in favor of adaptive immunity. What controls such functional plasticity of the pores and the resulting final cell fate (life vs. death) is entirely unclear but an understanding of this process would be essential to modulate inflammatory responses in medical settings.

Our group has previously dissected structural and mechanistic aspects of pore assembly by the GSDM family member GSDMD at the PM of pyroptotic cells by high-resolution single-molecule fluorescence microscopy. Our observations highlight a direct involvement of the lipid environment in the functional plasticity of GSDMD pores and suggest that functional plasticity is linked to pore structural plasticity. In this project, we aim to uncover how the membrane environment contributes to the structural plasticity of the pores to control cell fate.

Project-related publications
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